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AVESPED HFO/diesel and gas mixed dual fuel generator set(点击看大图)
Product NameAVESPED HFO/diesel and gas mixed dual fuel generator set
Product Category Land Generator Sets  
Product Description】:

The engine will use heavy fuel oil or diesel as liquid fuel and gas as convert fuel as fuel. The liquid
fuel convert ration is 80% at full load.

Note : COP rating will be 90 % of MCR
Item Unit Specification
Model 2000DGF1-3A
Rated power kW 2000
Rated rev. rpm 600
Rated voltage V 11000
Rated current A 65.6
Frequency Hz 50Hz
Power factor 0.8 (lagging)
Phase 3-phase
Voltage fluctuation rate % ±1
Frequency (rev.) fluctuation rate % ±0.5
Stable voltage regulating rate % ±2.5
Stable frequency (rev.) regulating rate % 5
Transient voltage regulating rate % ±20~-15
Stabilizing time s 5
Voltage regulating method Auto
Speed Governor E16+gas control system
Frequency regulating method Auto/Manual
Lubricating method Pressure lubricating
Lubricating oil type SAE 40 with TBN10
Starting mode Compressed air via rotary valve
Fuel < 180Cst/50℃ / Diesel + Natural Gas
Cooling method Close circuit of fresh cooling water
Coupling Flexiable
Painting color blue
Overall dimension mm 8552x2600x3348
Net weight kg 48

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