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8MW Marine Engine(12PC2-6B-V600)(点击看大图)
Product Name8MW Marine Engine(12PC2-6B-V600)
Product Category Marine Engine/Gen-set  
Product Description】:
Main technical specifications
(1)Model: 12PC2-6B-V600
(2)Type: V type,4-stroke,MPC Turbocharged, Inter-cooling, Irreversible, Pump(built-on)(lubricating oil pump, Low and high temperature water pump, Fuel oil transfer pump), Turbocharger, Air cooler fixed in the free-end, Wet oil Sump, Governor on the upper right(looking from the output side).
(3) Cylinder diameter: 400mm
(4) Piston stroke : 500mm
(5) cylinder number: 12
(6) cylinder layout: V-type, V-type 45°inclined angle, 740mm center distance of the cylinders in the same row,125mm eccentricity between row A and B.
(7) Geometry compression ratio: 12.5/1
(8)Firing order: Clockwise(looking from the output side)
Row A: 1—3—5—6—4—2—1
Row B: 45°insert or 405°insert depending on the result of torsional vibration.
Turbocharger suction air temperature : 25℃
Atmospheric pressure Po: 100Kpa
Air cooler inlet sea water temperature: 25℃
Exhaust back pressure: ≤2.5Kpa
Air vacuum degree: ≤2.5Kpa
Fuel oil low calorific value: 42700kj/Kg
When there is a big difference between the ambient condition and the above-mentioned standard ambient condition, Please see Annex II for the output derating data of the engine.
(10) Power
After the output flanges of diesel engine under Standard ambient condition:
Maximum continuous rating(MCR):9000KW
Continuous serving rating(CSR):8100KW
Overload output (110%):9900KW(Every 12 hours allows the use of 1 hour)
Note: Please see the Annex I for the curves of the operation area allowed by the main engine.
(11) Rotate speed
Rated speed : 600r/min
Minimum steady speed (Idle speed with zero load): 200r/min
Firing speed: 80r/min
(12) Crankshaft rotation direction (The vision faces to output side): Clockwise
(13)The maximum continuous rating (MCR) performance parameter under standard ambient condition:
Mean effective pressure: 2387Kpa
Piston mean speed: 10m/s
The average exhaust temperature after exhaust valves:400±40℃,
the Maximum temperature difference between any cylinder and the average value should be≤±50℃ .
Turbine inlet exhaust gas temperature : ≤650℃
Inlet manifold internal supercharge air pressure : 280Kpa ,±10% allowed
Inlet manifold internal supercharge air temperature : 45℃
Maximum explosion pressure(average value): 17±0.2Mpa
(±0.5Mpa maximum deviation between the single cylinder and average value )
Main bearing temperature: <90℃
Fuel consumption A2-4: 182g/kwh, +5% tolerance, new engine add 3 g/kwh(low heating value is 42700Kj/Kg when light diesel oil is used)
Fuel consumption converted to 182g/kwh×(42700/Heavy fuel oil low heating value) when using 1500-7300 seconds fuel oil(Redwood No.1,100°F).
Lube oil comsumption: 1.09g/kwh
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