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3310-4045KW Marine Diesel Engine(点击看大图)
Product Name3310-4045KW Marine Diesel Engine
Product Category Marine Engine/Gen-set  
Product Description】:

DN330 Marine Diesel Engines


    Meet with : IS03046, IS08178

Main application: tugboats/oil tankers

Container ships

­passenger and cargo ships

Engineering vessels

    Low fuel consumption, high capacity of loading,

      Reliable running, convenient operation, HFO capability

DN330 Main Technical Specifications of Series DN330 Marine Diesel Engines

Model      (Starboard)     DN8330ZC      DN8330ZC4       DN8330ZC2

                        (Port)         DN8330ZC1     DN8330ZC5       DN8330ZC3

Type                         In-line, 4-Stroke, Water Cooling, Direct Injection, Turbocharged, Intercooling, Irreversible

Rated Output (kW)            3310                  3676                    4045

Rated Speed(r/min)           600                   620                      650

Power of One Hour (kW)     3641                  4043.6                  4449.5

Crankshaft of starboard positive rotation (The vision faces to flywheel)      Clockwise

Crankshaft of port positive rotation (The vision aces to flywheel)        Counter-clockwise

Fuel Oil Consumption (g/kW.h)                               ≤186+5%

Lube Oil Consumption (g/kW.h)                                ≤1.0

Starting Method                              Compressed air starting

Cooling Method                                   Close circuit cycle

Overall Dimension (LxBxH) (mm)             6405 x 1830 x 3625


Net Weight (kg)                                 48000


Note: above parameters are for reference only. The specifications of this product are subject to changes without prior notice.

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