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300-550kw Coal gas generating set(点击看大图)
Product Name300-550kw Coal gas generating set
Product Category Land Generator Sets  
Product Description】:
The coal gas engine brief
300 series coal gas engine are driven by coal gas, firewood gas, blast furnace gas and coke-oven gas and so on. Nowadays in the use of one-off energy sources in the world, one obvious trend is developed that more combustible gas used than coal and oil gradually. That’s because the transport quantity is larger. For instance, the 80% of CO2 of cities come from the combustion of petrol products, and the main causation of green house effect is the increase of CO2. Our country possesses abundant coal gas resources, and all the gas resources can be used by 300 series coal gas engines after it disposal. 300 series coal gas engines hold most widely development space.
According to especial working condition, many modifications have been introduced to improve the performance of the coal gas engine.
There are characteristics in advanced performance, such s\as compact structure, reliable operation, pretty lay out, easy operation and maintenance.
Different types of stationary engine sets are available mainly, with frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz, can satisfy the customer 6.3kv/10.5kv exportation, for them, single power set running and multi-power sets parallel running are both ok.
Engine & generator specification for 60Hz
GENERATOR  SET Items Technical specification
Set Model 400GFW 550GFW 500GFW 300GFW 350GFW
Rated Power (KW) 400 550 500 300 350
Rated Voltage (V) 450 450 450 450 450
Rated Current (A) 642 882 802 481 561
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50
Power factor(COSΦ) 0.8(Lagging)
Mode of excitation Brushless
Phase & Connection 3 phases 4 wires
ENGINE Type of the engine 8300D/W 8300D/W-1 8300D/W-2 6300D/W 6300D/W-1
Model 4 cycle, Line type, Spark Plug Ignition
Cylinder NO. 8 6
Cylinder diameter (mm) 300
Displacement (L) 215 161
Stroke (mm) 380
Rated speed (r/min) 514 600 514 514 600
Rated power (KW) 440 600 550 330 385
Mean piston speed (m/s) 6.51 7.6 6.51 6.51 7.6
Gas consumption in full load(heat equivalent 700013000 KJ/m³)m³/h 406.2-754.3 555.8-1028.6 507.7-942.9 304.2-565.7 355.4-660
Mean effective pressure (MPa) 0.478 0.558 0.597 0.478 0.478
Compression ratio 9:1
Rotating direction (seen from flywheel end) clockwise
Firing order 1-5-7-3-8-4-2-6 1-5-3-6-2-4
Starting system Starting by compressed air
Top explosive pressure (MPa) 5.5
Exhaust temperature of cylinder (℃) 600
Temperature of gas (℃) 40
Gas pressure (kPa) 2.5
Lubricating oil consumption rated (g/kw.h) 1
Set size (L*W*H)(mm) 6394*2058*3900 5800*2058*2900
Set net weight (kg) 22000 18000
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