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250-330kw Gas Generating Set(点击看大图)
Product Name250-330kw Gas Generating Set
Product Category Land Generator Sets  
Product Description】:
Brief Introduction Gas Generating Set
This series gas engine, based on the original engine replace original fuel system by electric spark plug ignition system and perform by changing cylinder head, piston and gas supplying system and by adding electronic speed governor, pressure reducing valve, pressure regulator, carburetor etc.
This series gas generating set are suitable for natural gas, LPG, methane, coal gas and other burnable gas. They can content various need. They can be widely used in oil gas fields, refineries breweries, sewage stations, coal mine.
ENGINE type Z6170ZLD/T-1 Z8170ZLD/T-1
version 4 cycle,line type, spark plug lgnition
continuous power(KW) 250 330
firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4 1-5-7-3-8-4-2-6
mean effective pressure(Mpa) 1.102 1.091
mean piston speed(m/s) 6.67
lubricating oil consumption rated(g/kw.h) 1
gas consrmption(MJ/kw.h) 12
rated speed(r/min) 1000
start method started by compressed air or electrlc
direction(seen from flywheel end) anti-clockwise
cooling method water
timing method electron timing
scylinder diameter/stroke 170/200
GENERATOR SET rated power(kw) 200 300
rated current(A) 361 541
rated coltage/frequency(V/Hz) 400/50
power factor (COSΦ) 0.8(lagging)
phase&connection 3 phases 4 wires
moder of excitation brushless
voltage regulating automatic
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