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300-550KW Marine Diesel Engine(点击看大图)
Product Name300-550KW Marine Diesel Engine
Product Category Marine Engine/Gen-set  
Product Description】:

Model 6300C 6300DZC 6300CZ 6300DZCZ   6300ZC 6300ZDZC 6300ZCZ 6300ZDZCZ   6300ZLCA 6300ZLDZCA 6300ZLCZA 6300ZLDZCZA  
Type four-stroke,direction injection,reversible or irreversibel,supercharged or unsupercharged,air inter cooling or uninter cooling
NO.of cylinders 6
Bore/stroke(mm) 300/380
Rated speed(r/min) 400 400 500
Continuous output(kw) 294 441 551
Resolution per hour,power per hour 413/324 413/485 516/606
Mean effective pressure(Mpa) 0.547 0.824 0.822
Mean piston speed(m/s) 5.07 5.07 6.33
Minimum steady speed under load(r/min) 160 160 200
Fuel oil consumption(g/kw.h) 215
Lube oil consumption(g/kw.h) 1.6
Rotation direction of crankshaft To look from the flywheel side to the free side,to turn right is clockwise,turn left is counter-clockwise
Starting method Compressed air starting
Cooling method Closed or opend water cooling
Lubricating method Pressure lubricating&oiling
Height of lifting piston from crankshaft(mm) 2120
Overall dimension(mm) 3640*1150*2555 3894*1150*2555
Net weight(kg) 9300 9800

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